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When shipping by rail, ride quality is completely unpredictable and uncontrollable. What is controllable is the method you choose to secure your load.

How It Works:

Dunnage air bags are designed and built for your convenience, with a wide variety of sizes and strengths to meet your shipping requirements. The trapped air inside these lightweight, yet strong and durable air bags provides the needed cushion to protect your load from shift, shock and vibration. Available in a variety of sizes, 2-ply high strength kraft paper inflatable dunnage bags are easier and more economical to install than more costly alternatives such as wood bracing because with air bags theres no carpentry, construction or teardown time to worry about. Also, no special storage or repairs are needed when using a paper dunnage bag. When youre finished you just deflate and discard the bag.

Benefits To Air Bags:

We offer polywoven air bags designed for medium and heavy weight railcar loads, so finding the perfect one for your shipping application is easy. Our polywoven air bags are also much easier to handle than alternative paper bags because they are 60% lighter and their single-ply construction allows for a greater pack-out. The polywoven air bags offered by IPS Packaging are resistant to harsh chemical environments and are also weatherproof resistant so they are great for open railcar shipments. They also have high burst strength to withstand the harshest shipping conditions and are great for both lateral and longitudinal railcar bracing.


Dunnage Air Bags Terminology:

  • AR: Abrasion Resistant
  • SE: Sewn End
  • DEF: Double End Fold
  • MTO: Made To Order. Bags with 15 business day lead time and 500 piece minimum.
  • Stock or "A" Bag: Less than truck load order: 3 day Truck Load: 10 business days
  • LTL: Less Than Truck Load
  • TL: Truck Load / 20+ skids
  • OTR: Over The Road
  • TOFC / Piggyback: Trailer On Flat Car
  • OSC: Overseas Container
  • Pin Wheeling: Action to rotate a pallet in order to reduce the void

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