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Looking for a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to reduce load damage? Search no more! Paper dunnage airbags are here to put your mind at ease. These dunnage airbags efficiently secure shipped

Hidden cost of shipping Dunnage Airbags are the best to keep the cost of shipping down

loads in a variety of transportation vehicles including trailers, railcars, ocean containers, and more.

When trying to reduce damage in transit, many people are turning to dunnage airbags. Paper dunnage airbags have a reusable design that allows you to reuse the same dunnage airbag multiple times. Another added benefit of these wonderous bags is that they are 100% recyclable, making them a fantastic choice for those who want to be environmentally friendly.

Case Study

A company that shipped medical equipment kept receiving negative feedback from a very large number of customers. Their products were arriving at their destinations broken and damaged. The problem this medical company was facing was major: negative feedback from unhappy customers, damaged equipment, waste of resources, and unstable loads.

The damage was caused from front to back and from side to side during transit, causing massive damage to this companys valuable cargo. They were letting unsecured loads cost them in big ways.

Following the advice of our packaging specialist, the medical equipment manufacturing company purchased dunnage airbags. After purchasing the bags, voids were filled, loads were supported, and the product was kept in place, eliminating their packaging pains. The company saw a huge improvement in its customer satisfaction and the stability of their loads. We would say that is a win for everyone!

Which Paper Air Bags are right for you?

There are many factors to consider when determining which airbag is best for your loads. The top four things you want to look at are:

  • Load Weight
  • Product Type
  • Shipping Method
  • Loading Method

All of the above will come into play when deciding which paper dunnage airbag is right for you. Airbags are generally classified into two categories, which are lightweight and heavyweight

Paper Dunnage Air Bag System Breakdown

Inflation devices are a must-have for paper dunnage airbags. They will reduce labor costs, inflation time, and eliminate the risk of a bag bursting during a fill. These devices stop the airflow once that perfect pressure point is reached.

  • Inflation systems can fill the dunnage bags with air in seconds rather than minutes
  • Have a quick and easy connect valve, no twisting or pushing required
  • Feature an easy lock and unlock cap, preventing accidental deflations
  • Quickly deflate bags with just one gentle push

Best Practices for Safe and Easy Use

  • Remember to wear safety glasses with side shields.
  • Protect your dunnage airbag when deflating it. Be sure to stay away from sharp objects.
  • You can use cardboard and plywood on both sides of your airbag to protect it.
  • Dont use the inflator as a blowgun for cleaning
  • Never point the inflator at your face or body
  • Do not use dunnage airbags in a wet environment. Be sure to keep them dry

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